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Another year over, and a new one just begun

Once again, I'm on the West Coast on Dec. 31 and thus one of the last people to enter the new year. Which gives me more time to think about resolutions, I guess!

1) Lose 15 pounds by exercising more and eating less crap.

Done! I now weigh less than I have for several years, my clothes fit better, and most importantly, I'm enjoying running. Yesterday I ran for the first time in a couple of weeks, and it felt good. I've taken the leap of signing up for a half-marathon at the end of April, so that would be new resolution #1: run a half-marathon, as part of losing 10 more pounds this year.

2) Respond more quickly to messages and requests rather than letting them sit around until I feel guilty about letting them sit around and put them off some more, until my friends are e-mailing me to ask, "Are you alive?"

Yeah, that didn't happen. It's going to be even more important this next year, because Mr. Z and I are going on sabbatical and will be in far-off places for many months. After six years at many universities, faculty can take a semester off at full pay or the whole year off at half pay. The idea is that without the day-to-day obligations of teaching class, serving on committees, advising students, etc., you can concentrate on research and be super-productive. So we're spending the fall semester in Rhode Island so Mr. Z can work at a mathematics institute at Brown University, and then Spring 2014 is mine to choose. If I get the funding I've applied for, that will probably mean Australia. :D In any case, it means we're going to be away from home for about a year (and have actually decided to sell our house and find a less problematic dwelling when we return), so keeping in touch with people is going to be super important. Resolution 2 remains the same.

3) Read more. I haven't read any fiction that wasn't fanfic for I don't know how many years. And I pretty much only read academically when I have to.

That didn't happen either. I think I read one fiction book this year, and it was one I had already read. /o\ So, same resolution remains! In fact, I'm going to go do some academic reading as soon as I post this.

4) Write better. Fewer short pieces for challenges and instant gratification, more long pieces to tell the stories I want to.

I kind of did this. Palladium for spn_j2_bigbang was definitely the long story I wanted to tell, and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I didn't try to fill my hc_bingo card, though I did at least make a bingo. Right now, I have three open challenges, and then Big Bang season will start. I wrote about 260K last year after pledging 200K through getyourwordsout, so I've pledged 250K for next year as well. *gulp* That's my only writing resolution.

5) Buy less fabric and make more quilts.

*snort* Whatever. I did manage to finish a bunch of quilts, but I've failed utterly at the not-buying-more-fabric thing. If I'm going to be packing up my stuff and moving around the country and possibly around the globe, you'd think I'd want to acquire less stuff, not more, right? *headdesk* Resolution #5, same as the first.

ETA: I forgot to thank tebtosca, deirdre_c, bt_kady, cherie_morte, fiercelynormal, bewaretheides15, and locknkey for the delicious gingerbread men. NOM NOM NOM. Also, thanks to cherie_morte for my cute new userhead. *twirls tassel*
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