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The morning after

I want to say thanks to everyone who voted yesterday.

No, seriously, even those of you who voted for the candidates I disagreed with (which happened in pretty much all of my local races, sadly). It showed, for example, in Missouri and Indiana that it's possible to support conservative economic views without supporting the out-of-touch misogyny that the Republican Party seems to have slid into in recent years. Though I have to say that as a Democrat, I kind of hope that the right wing doesn't get a clue and keeps putting forward candidates who are too extreme to be voted into office even in our red states. ;)

On the other hand, I see a lot of the Senate and House races as well as the marriage equality referenda as good signs that our country is moving in the right direction. We will now have women who are gay, disabled, and Asian in our Senate, even if we're only at 18% of the total. It's progress, and it's really encouraging given all of the divisive rhetoric and anti-woman legislation of the last couple of years.

So I'm certainly happy about the outcome of the Presidential election, but I'm happy about a lot more than that. It feels like my country agrees with me more than I thought it did. It's a good feeling. :)