Zubeneschamali (zubeneschamali) wrote,

Making decisions when indecisive

Apparently a cool thing that my university does when someone gets tenure and/or promotion is to allow them to select a book from the library and have a bookplate put in it in their honor. Which is so cool. But OMG, one book! How am I supposed to decide? They asked a month ago and now I have, like, two days to think of something: favorite novel, something of my advisor's, something related to my research, a favorite non-fiction book, etc., etc. IDEK!

Also, there was a thunderstorm early this morning with a huge crack of thunder that nearly made me shriek. On the walk into work this morning, we saw yard-long strips of bark on the ground two houses away and looked up to see a tree with a long slash of bark missing from the top to about halfway down. Guess that loud crack was lightning rather than thunder. O_o
Tags: academia, personal
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