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SPN quilt, part 8/8

Good morning! I'm at the airport on my way to Wincon, and I finished the quilt two nights ago. When wendy first suggested I do this a year ago, I had no idea how right I was when I thought I could finish it within a year, but just barely. Self-knowledge, yay.

There were two final steps yet to go when I last posted. One was to bind the edges of the quilt, which means folding fabric over the raw edge of the quilt and sewing it into place. I am incapable of doing that without resulting in a wavy edge, but since this quilt is intended to be used rather than displayed, that's not a big deal. :)

The other step was something I haven't mentioned before because I wasn't sure I was going to have time for it, or that it would work out. Well, it mostly worked out:


The way a sewing machine works is that there are two sources of thread: the spool that sits up on top of the machine, and the bobbin that sits inside the machine, under the fabric you're sewing. The thread from the spool winds its way through a needle, and when you turn the wheel on the side and make the sewing machine go, the needle pokes down through the layers of fabric so the thread can be caught by a little hook on the rotating piece that holds the bobbin. The thread then pulls a loop of the bobbin thread up with it as the needle goes back above the fabric, and you have a lockstitch holding together the fabric. There's a nice little gif here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sewing_machine

The point is, while the thread coming from the spool has to be thin enough to pass through a needle, the thread in the bobbin doesn't. But that bobbin thread shows only on the reverse side. So, for example, one can stitch a design onto the top of a quilt, then flip the quilt over and retrace that design with the thicker bobbin thread in place. If all goes well, you get a nice, thick line on top of the quilt, and it can look something like this:


See how the border says "Carry on"? You know what comes next.


I managed to stitch in the chorus all around the border of the quilt. :D  It's not highly visible when you look at the quilt as a whole, but it definitely shows in close-up. I'm so pleased that I had enough time to try this out and that it worked!

Anyway, I'm now on my way to Dallas for Wincon, where the quilt is going to be raffled off. If you can't attend Wincon this year but want a shot at the quilt, PM me and I'll see what I can do about getting a raffle ticket in your name. Thanks again for all of your comments and encouragement along the way!



Oct. 18th, 2012 11:48 am (UTC)
Thank you! :)