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SPN quilt, part 6

Progress on the SPN quilt has been slow because of...well, a whole variety of reasons, from the baby quilt for my best friend's little one to my two long trips to rediscovering a whole bunch of fabric that had been locked up in a room that was inaccessible because of a leak in the roof and what followed after, and ooh, shiny....ANYWAY. I have finished piecing all of the individual blocks, so what remains for the piecing is to put them together into one large (48" square) quilt top. Here's what the blocks look like all laid out:


This is why I love block patterns like Kansas Troubles, because of the secondary patterns that form when you lay out all of the blocks. There aren't just the central black pinwheels, but the multicolored ones that form at the corners of the blocks. It gives some nice structure and movement to the whole piece, and I'm going to try and do a quilting pattern that de-emphasizes the backgrounds and makes the pinwheels really pop out. It turns out that the rope wasn't the greatest choice for a background fabric since it's kind of busy, but since it's one of my favorite parts of the show... ;)

Lining up all of those little tiny triangles in the corners is going to be a bear. Let's see how it goes...

Oh, and here's my best friend's baby quilt:

June 2012 004

He's a little city boy whose parents travel a lot, so the fabric is all maps or city prints. I like how it kind of looks like a map. :D

Tags: quilting, spn
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