Zubeneschamali (zubeneschamali) wrote,

SPN quilt, part 5

I did say it might be a while...

My friend had her baby, and while little Corwin's quilt has been pieced, it has not yet been quilted, and is therefore not pictured here yet. :) Not like he needs it for warmth at the moment anyway, so I will get to the quilting once I've finished piecing the first half of the SPN quilt blocks. It's good to have goals. :)

I have, however, managed to finish five of the sixteen "Kansas Troubles" blocks, and here's one:

I didn't plan on the black skull-flames-barbed-wire fabric coming together in the center like that--it happened by accident in the first block, but I loved the effect, and I have a lot of that fabric. The advantage of using a fabric for the background with a semi-random pattern like the cars and gas pumps is that if you squint, it looks like it's all one background to the "bear paws" of the block pattern. The coffee cups are kinda hard to see when the triangles are so small, but the coffee beans and bricks look pretty good, so that's something. And "Sam's shirts" in the medium-triangles look good, although since they're plaids it really shows up if I sew a crooked line...

Anyway, it's coming along!

Tags: quilting, supernatural
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