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WIP Sentences meme

I consider myself tagged by izhilzha . Instructions: post one sentence from all of your WIPs without any context or further explanation. (I'm assuming this is only for fandoms I'm still active in? And that WIP covers anything I might conceivably post someday even if it's only a page or so right now?)

So here we go! I'm going to add the twist of two points each for guessing the fandom, two more for the speaker or POV:

  • "I'm here," he said again, fighting to keep his voice level. "You said you'd let him go."
  • "Fortunately, the Central Valley is about as topographically complex as a tabletop, so that eliminates the need for a submodel."
  • If it was only a matter of willpower, he knew they'd be fine.
  • He'd known this was going to come to a head at some point, but he hadn't expected to be doing seventy-five down the San Bernardino Freeway while he hashed out months of misunderstanding and hurt with the guy who had been his best friend.
  • Then, as the road started a broad curve to the left with nothing but empty air to their right, he reached down again for his leg.
  • He stumbled forward, and the hiss of something passing over his head confused him until he saw a chip of marble fly off the wall in front of him.
  • "Sheryl Crow obviously never tried to drive through the Westside on a Friday afternoon, or she wouldn't have put 'fun' and 'Santa Monica Boulevard' in the same sentence."
ETA: I need to start writing in a fandom with some lead female characters.  This is ridiculous.
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