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Supernatural report

Insta-thoughts on 6.15 under the cut, replete with spoilers...

I know this ep is going to provoke strong reactions in people, and I'm sad to say that I'm on the made-of-fail side. Whenever a show has an ep that's about the TV industry, I inevitably feel like I'm an outsider who doesn't get all of the in-jokes. I'm glad for them that they could make themselves happy with various references to RL and to the industry and so on, but it didn't float my boat. I felt the same way with "Hollywood Babylon", and this was even worse.

Not that it didn't have its moments, like the freeze-to-black the second time they went through the window and the new Raphael. But my embarrassment squick went off at the overly-long scene where they couldn't perform in front of the camera; it was funny to see their overacting the first couple of times, but then it got to be too much. And then the shoot-up-the-set thing was awful. I'm sure Kripke enjoyed being shot to death in slo-mo, but I can't find entertainment value in someone shooting up a workplace like that.

The most interesting part of the ep, which I probably would have missed if not for the previouslies, was the blood-bowl call to Raphael. So Meg was calling an angel back in S1? And the possessed guy in "Croatoan", too.  Verrrrry innnnnnteresting.....

I have to admit I beamed when Sam couldn't consider even for a second staying in this world because here they weren't brothers. :)

But I can't even look forward to next week because the preview showed like my biggest squick of all time. DNW.

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