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Supernatural report

Insta (to me) thoughts on 6.11 under the cut:


That's what I shouted at my screen after the last scene.  I'm glad no one else was home or I would have embarrassed myself.

There were some things I liked a lot about this ep and what it suggests for the future, and some things I didn't like at all.  Sadly, overall I find myself feeling like I'm reading a mediocre Big Bang-length piece of fanfic: I'm not so invested in the story that I'm going to savor every line and stay up way past my bedtime because I can't put it down, but I do want to keep going to find out what happens.  I wish I didn't feel that way.  :(

What I liked: the Dean 'n Death storyline.  "We've established that you have hubris and no leverage" is pretty much Dean's motto, kind of like the "GED and a give-'em-hell attitude" from early S5.  Hubris and stubbornness have gotten Dean pretty damn far, but they can't get him everything, and I think that was the real lesson here.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but the much-repeated "natural order" is not the same as destiny.  Dean and Sam have successfully kneed the latter one in the balls--or at least what others have told them is their destiny--but the former is one they keep running up against.  In "Faith," in "IMTOD", in "AHBL", in "Jus in Bello", in "Mystery Spot", over and over again, both boys had it hammered into them that what's dead should stay dead, and messing with the "natural order" has unintended consequences beyond what they can imagine.  (Which doesn't stop them from doing it anyway.)

But after the last couple of seasons, with angels and whoever bringing them back to life time and again (if for their own purposes), that lesson has been lost.  I think it's funny that just last week I was writing about how if they died this time, they'd stay dead, and here Death is telling Dean that he and Sam are globally screwing up the order of things by coming back to life so many times.  So as heavy-handed as this storyline got at times (duh, there was going to be a kid at some point; duh, the nurse was going to bite it in the kid's stead), I think it left us some big clues about what's coming up, about how the Alphas and the souls and whatever's going on with the world is a symptom of something being wrong with this natural order that's older and deeper than the angels and demons--deeper magic from before the dawn of time, if you will. ;)

Also, I like that Death restored Sam's soul not because Dean asked him to, or because Dean tried and failed but had a noble heart or whatever, but because it suited his purposes.   Death should be above things like that.

Also, I want to see some fanfic about what Death did with his day off.  Bonus points if it involves following a travel guide to one of the best local restaurants that he hasn't been to before.

I was mediocre on Dean being so damn determined to get Sam's soul back because it rang too much of him making the deal in AHBL; in other words, selfish.  Now, I think we the audience saw that Robo!Sam is not really fit for human company, and there has certainly been evidence of that all season.  But it was played with Sam charging that Dean was being selfish, when Dean was really trying to rescue Sam's soul from unending torture, even if it's already past saving.  Since the writers haven't been too clear about what is in the soul that's not in the consciousness, and whether Sam qua Sam is in his mind or his soul, I'm not sure what to think about this part of the ep.

But there were definitely things I didn't like.  The Sam 'n Bobby storyline.  I get that we were supposed to see how desperate Robo!Sam was to remain unsoulled that he'd put himself in debt to Balthazar (like that's going to end well) and try to kill Bobby so as to stain his vessel forever.  But that whole stalking around Bobby's house and yard went on way too long (although the trap door was pretty sweet), and the blatant acknowledgment of the "Heeeeeere's Johnny!" moment was obnoxious, and it all felt like filler while Dean learned his lesson and showed up at the last minute to knock Sam over the head with a crowbar. 

Also, poor Adam!!!  D:

I don't like the fact that they ended the ep there, because you know that when they resume in two frickin' months (and there's a good chance I'm going to be in Chicago that weekend, which guarantees a pre-emption for a Bulls game), they aren't going to pick up right where they left off.  So all of the suspenseful waiting we're supposed to be doing to find out what happens once Sam stops screaming is irrelevant because time will have passed when the curtain opens again.  I bet you.

And you know what?  At the end, after this lesson about the natural order and making hard choices and Dean looking down at the ring in his hand like he's contemplating putting it on and putting Sam out of his misery, it's all taken out of his hands.  Again.  A supernatural being solves it for him.  That's why I continue to appreciate "Swan Song," because that's turning out to be the only ep in like three seasons' worth where the boys made their own decision and saved the day for themselves.  Argh.

Finally, now instead of having the "OMG, will Sam turn evil?" or "is he the same Sam as before?" or "will Sam say yes to the devil?" that we've had for, well, ever since S2, we have "will Sam turn bonkerdoodles?"  I appreciate that they didn't do a memory wipe on him, but damned if I want this lurking in the background for the rest of the season, holding his character hostage yet again.  Blech.

Okay, it's S1 comparison time: 1.11 was  "Scarecrow."  Both the MOTW and the mytharc were about what happens when you mess with the natural order of things: if you're villagers trying to keep your crops healthy, you end up sacrificing random strangers to a Norse god and later being sacrificed yourselves.  If you're Sam trying to strike out on his own, you realize that's a mistake and come back to Dean, thus restoring the TV show concept family business.  Of course, you fall in with a supernatural baddie along the way who no doubt is going to screw you over later, but that's secondary at the time.  You see that people claiming they're reluctant to sacrifice someone's life doesn't mean they're not going to do it, even when it's a family member.  Also, you have Dean knocked out and put in handcuffs, not Sam, but those are common enough events that I'm not sure they're worth a mention.  ;)

I hope that friggin' bacon dog was worth it.


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Dec. 12th, 2010 01:07 am (UTC)
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<Also, I want to see some fanfic about what Death did with his day off. Bonus points if it involves following a travel guide to one of the best local restaurants that he hasn't been to before.>

You're not alone in that! I find Death quite a likeable character.
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