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Supernatural report

Insta-thoughts on 6.10 under the cut...

Best ep of the season so far (which might not be saying much, but still). Tied-up boys, moments that made me fight not to laugh so hard I missed the dialogue, alliances with enemies, the return to Riverview, and major plot arc advancement. What's not to like? (Besides the naked!Meg torture and the last scene and the apparently epic torture of Sam's soul that's going on and the persistence of the angelus ex machina. But anyway.)

Also, have there been so many different incidents of sexual innuendo packed into one episode before? I think not.

This was the first ep in a long time where I really, genuinely felt the suspense (with the exception of "Swan Song"). Ever since Lucifer and Zachariah each made it clear that Sam and Dean weren't going to stay dead, the suspense has been a lot weaker. But tonight, it really sunk in that if these boys are killed now, they'll stay dead, and it wasn't clear how they were going to get out of it.

Also, I was happy to recognize Riverview once again. That stairway they went down early on, all dark and musty and scary? I'm sure that's the same one with barefooted Dean from "In My Time Of Dying." And the shot when they're trying to figure out how to enter is the same place as the prison yard from "Folsom Prison Blues".

I was dying laughing at Sam's "prayer" to Cas about the Ark of the Covenant. Also at Castiel's downward gaze at his crotch. *snicker*

I've been pretty neutral about Meg in the past, but I loved her in this. The hugs and puppies and cupcake lines were great, and as much as I was annoyed by the naked torture scene (it's episode 10, must be time to torture our female demon in the nude), her laugh and "Dean Winchester's behind you" were awesome. Wonder if the boys really would have let her back out of the trap if Crowley hadn't broken it? Speaking of Crowley, RIP. Not. Also, holy power vacuum, Batman. Don't suppose Meg has any designs on filling it...

To continue the S1 parallels, 1.10 was Asylum (also filmed at Riverview, ha ha!). Which brings up obvious parallels in terms of the physical setting and ghosts/monsters being held against their will, as well as the wisdom of not giving a loaded weapon to someone who might use it against you. It was also about being forced to dredge up the past, both to find out what happened at the asylum and in possessed!Sam's taunting of Dean. The brothers left the ep a little more estranged than when they began--BUT, 1.11 was "Scarecrow", where Sam first took off but then committed to staying with Dean. I want that parallel to show up next week...


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Dec. 4th, 2010 05:36 am (UTC)
*can't find a coherent thought* (I mean it was necessary, but...)

But yes, I'd been asking myself... what Sam's soul would look like after approx. 150 years of plain old devil&angel games (the possiblity notwithstanding that Mike and Luci finally got over their differences are constantly fucking in a corner somewhere) anyway, yes, I've been thinking about souls. I mean, they're energy are they not? I mean, of course, everyone's got their specialized little bit, but... Sam's got what makes him a person person, he just needs the energy bit. So... can't they just grow it back?
Or SHARE it for that matter when you got a SOULMATE at hand, EHHHH?
Erm.. well, yeah, just a thought.
Dec. 7th, 2010 12:05 pm (UTC)
I love that soulmate/sharing idea, except I'm still not convince that DSOTM was anything but a creation of Zachariah's. :(

Show has been too inconsistent on what it means for Sam to be without a soul for me to make any guesses on how he might get it back or replace it. But I think we'll find out soon...
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