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Supernatural report

Insta-thoughts on 6.09 below the cut...

I didn't comment on last week's ep because I saw it late (went to dinner with a visiting speaker who talked to other people the entire night and who had been assuming I was a grad student, but that's another story), but also because I didn't have much to say, kind of like earlier in the season. This ep, though, I liked a lot. Okay, so the X-Files shout-outs were even more awesome than the ones in Castle, but that wasn't the reason. I know a lot of people probably aren't going to like the slapstick elements of the episode, but I say, holy cow, it's been a long time since I really laughed over an ep of SPN, and I have missed it. So yay, Ben Edlund, and yay Jared and Jensen for their ability to make funny faces for the camera.

One thing that I never saw in the reactions to last week's ep, and I may just have missed it, was that Dean's refusal to work with Crowley should have been based on Dean's awareness of how stupid it would be to actually make a deal with him, not that Dean doesn't want to do everything he can to get Sam's soul back. I felt the same after this ep: Sam weighed the possible consequences of a deal with a leprechaun and wisely decided to gank him instead. Which doesn't mean that he doesn't want his soul back, which is why the last scene seriously annoyed me. Show, if you're going to whipsaw back and forth that fast from one ep to the next, don't be surprised when fandom loses some of its investment in you.

Still, I feel like if we had had this Sam earlier, I would be liking this season a lot better. Maybe it's just that this was the first episode where I felt like we actually got some of Sam's perspective on things. "I'm not supposed to laugh at that, right?" *giggle* Also, assuming that the UFO folks knew how to kill aliens was hilarious, as was Sam checking out women left and right (and Dean has his own bitchface, ha!). I was, however, annoyed at Sam's calm conversation while Dean was running for his life in the corn field...soul or not, shouldn't he be trying to help Dean?

So Dean is "marked"? Was that the fairies' doing, or is it from an earlier event? Is it ever going to come up again, or is it consigned to the metaphorical wastebasket where the amulet resides?

Now for the S1 comparison: 1.09 was "Home" (which always makes me think of the X-Files episode by the same name that was a parable about the horrors of incest, but anyway...). Aside from my favorite Sam-gets-strangled scene, this ep was obviously about family, going back to the beginning, and starting over. Jenny and her kids moved to Lawrence to start over and got caught up in the residue of the YED and the Winchesters. Sam and Dean went back to the beginning and learned some of their own history and opened a whole lot of doors about the future, especially Sam's. Sam trusted Dean with the truth about his visions of Jessica (his Bloody Mary moment), starting a new dimension of their relationship--distance--that hasn't yet been resolved and maybe never will.

This ep was also about starting over, with soulless!Sam agreeing to let Dean tell him what to do (kind of). The X-Files homage was about going back to the show's origins and influences, honoring Kim Manners and John Shiban and the rest. Dean's monologue about how the world is falling apart around them, even if if turned out not to be aliens, suggested a kind of starting over that would almost be welcome (and makes me realize that maybe I also liked this ep because there were no angels or demons in it). On a more shallow level, both boys were being beat up until one of them saved the day for both of them, although that's probably not unique to these two episodes...

Thoughts? Arguments? Wincing like me when you remember that 1.10 was "Asylum"?


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Nov. 20th, 2010 07:39 am (UTC)
AWESOME EPISODE WAS SERIOUSLY AWESOME... I mean, Hell, I laughed my ass off. Pizza-panned Tinkerbell. X-files. LOL'S all over. Anyway, I totally agree that we are getting more of Sam now where the writers probably felt that they had to muddle around for a bit to actually get a direction out of him. And Dean's absolute exasperation at him and how he sees the world and has to be told about everything and nothing at the same time... the metaphors, man, it's so adorable and sad.

I have to say though, I LOVED the last scene, especially because Dean asked whether Sam is fully invested in getting his soul back... because for one, there's a new kind of honesty and openess to talk it out between the boys even if it's as whacked out as the Winchesters ever were. More importantly though, (appart from the fact that the shot was incredibly reminiscent of s4's hell confession) Sam's face there, the thoughts and, yes, emotions flitting over it in just a blink of an eye... I mean, I'm sure that what he said is the truth, he really is working to get his soul back. But all the stuff Dean told him about it and all the questions he asked Sam... it boils down to one thing that Sam had to face in that last scene.

Why WOULD he?

I mean, the more he gets know about souls and their purpose, the more his (any) purely rational mind would decide against it, eh? Still, with all the talk about being unable to care even about Dean, why is he still HERE? Still working on it (with bumps and flaws granted, but still)?
The leprechaun said it... his soul's far away, but not completely gone. There's a tether, because the soul's GOT to have some kind of influence on a person which means it's so ingrained that you can't completely separate it without getting just and empty shell with a highly efficient computing processor. There's just a need for a very long leash. Which is our angle, no?
Nov. 22nd, 2010 03:45 pm (UTC)
I guess you and I are the only ones who liked it!

I was watching the episode streaming online, and the last scene kind of froze up with only the sound coming through, so maybe I should watch it again to get the expressions on Sam's face.

I was stunned to hear the leprechaun phrase it like that, that Sam's soul is "far away", because as you say, that implies that it is within reach, if a very long reach. So the answer to "why would he?" is that he'd do it for Dean. Soulless!Sam seems to be doing what he does for Dean's sake (when he's not letting him get abducted or vamped out, LOL), so maybe that will include getting re-souled, too. But yeah, concluding that having a soul is all about suffering isn't exactly big inducement to get it back...
Nov. 26th, 2010 06:09 pm (UTC)
After reading this, I think I'll dl the ep after all. :) I'm so behind on spn, and don't even really care... But this one sounds like fun!
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