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24 report

Forgot to post last week, but the only thing that made me squee louder than Miles appearing for a brief moment was when the president's daughter was revealed as Heather from Jericho.  She was the best thing about that show (well, aside from yummy Skeet Ulrich), and it's so awesome to see her here.  Of course, then I proceeded to squee even louder when Aaron showed up.  Hail, hail, the (surviving) gang's all here!

So they're obviously back to filming in L.A., given that the car chase down "New York Street" went past the Macy's Plaza on 7th St. in downtown L.A.  But at least they're trying to make it look real, sorta: the banners across the street that said "Washington DC Festival" could not possibly have been more generic-looking.  *giggle*  That whole scene made me think of the time I was driving through downtown on a Sunday morning and there were signs up warning about the loud explosions and gunfire.  Only in L.A...

Also, "Agent Walker, the car's on fire"?  ?!?!!  I think that's a situation where it's appropriate to call someone by their first name.  Just sayin'.