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Back to life, back to reality

So the summer is almost over...only one more week till classes start.  I'm mixed about it...this summer has been rough in a lot of ways, which has led to me retreating into my own little world, which is exactly the wrong thing to do.   On the other hand, I don't have much choice about getting out more and interacting more with people, because the semester's starting.  There's so much I didn't get done this summer that I wanted to, and now I have to cram it in this fall along with everything else...

On a happier note, I was walking home tonight and saw the bright red-orange star in the southern sky that's Antares, which meant I could trace a line to the west until I saw the vertical row of three stars that marks the head of Scorpius, take a north turn from the topmost of those three, and see a little star named Zubeneschamali.  :)

Anyway, in the interest of being more present, I jumped on board with raeschae 's icon meme:

1. Reply to this post with the word PIRATES and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never ending cycle of icon glee.

Rae's picks:

Joshua Tree National Park.  A wash is a creekbed that's dry most of the year unless there's a major rainstorm somewhere upstream and it basically flash floods.  Did you know that the force that does the most to shape the desert landscape is actually water?  </professor>  I have no idea where the fried liver came from, but together they compose what's probably my favorite place name in the world.

Bled Island in Lake Bled, Slovenia.  Slovenia is gorgeous, period, but this fairy-tale church on an island in the middle of a clear blue lake, with a castle up on the hill and mountains in the background, is particularly spectacular.

Under the Skybridge in Vancouver, BC.  I still have to post my photos from my trip in March of all of the SPN set locations we found, but this was my favorite.  It's always exciting to find a place that you know from TV or movies, and this one was (literally) iconic because of the episode and the number of LJ icons it's appeared in.  But it was also fun because just across the bridge is the parking garage from "Nightshifters", which also served as the opening shot from "On the Head of a Pin", which is next to the street with the "El" from "Two Minutes to Midnight", and if you turn around from this view of the bridge, you see the bar that served as the strip club in "Sex and Violence," and I get such a kick out of all of those places being crammed next to each other.  Third, I have a fondness for leftover or remnant places like the undersides of big bridges, and this one was super cool with the half-buried old car graveyard along the river's edge, which I really have to include in that post of pics...

CoAmerica Park, Detroit.  Every year my parents and I go to a different baseball park, and 2008 was Detroit.  It was an awesome game because the White Sox pulled out a win in the ninth.  :)  Detroit was...less exciting.

I have a fondness for death/maiming glyphs like this one (see also, the start of this post).  This one is from Barcelona, where there's a nightly light show at these famous fountains, so there are warnings not to go in the fountain because of the danger of electrocution.  Why the lightning bolt is pointing at the poor little glyph guy's crotch, I don't know, but it cracks me up.

Sydney might well be my favorite city of all the ones I've ever visited (Chicago, AKA home, will probably always hold the top spot).  For this icon, I fell in love with the Opera House and how it looks so different from all of the many different angles from which it can be viewed, and I got to climb the Harbor Bridge, which was freakin' awesome.  Oh, and the people are nice, too.  ;)

This is a bonus icon that Rae didn't pick, but I wanted to point it out because it's a seriously fine ass carved in stone and it's from a freaking graveyard (in Wellington, which makes me wonder if Kiwis are just special...).
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