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NUMB3RS Big Bang Master Post: Blood and Gold

Title: Blood and Gold
Author: zubeneschamali 
Rating: PG-13 (language, violence, adult situations)
Timeline: AU Season Four, set after "Velocity"
Pairings: Don/Liz, Megan/Larry, Colby/OFC
Word count: 104K (!)
Summary:  Don's team might be back together after Colby's return, but are they really all in the same place?  As a new case threatens them in more ways than one, they have to work on trusting each other again and showing the rest of the FBI that they still have what it takes to bring in the bad guys and keep themselves safe from a variety of threats, some from the outside and some from within.  An AU take on Season Four, featuring angst, action, and romance, roughly in that order.  Written for numb3rs_bigbang .

Disclaimer: The characters you recognize are not mine, but the property of the NUMB3RS folks, as are the opening quotes in each chapter. I’m only using them for fun and to work out angst. Chapter titles and lyrics are all from Bruce Springsteen; the complete list is in the soundtrack post.

A/N: Long, long ago, I started this story, and then it sat, three-quarters finished, for almost two years. When the first NUMB3RS Big Bang came along this spring, I thought it was the perfect kick in the butt to get this thing done, and it was!  In the DVD commentary to "One Hour," Rob Morrow said that one of the ironies of the episode is that while the audience gets to see how trustworthy and competent each of the members of Don's team are, Don himself doesn't get to see that. Take that, combine it with a number of aspects of early Season Four that were never resolved entirely to my liking, and this novel-length story is the result.

Muchas gracias and merci beaucoup to Kiki, rittenden, cerisereve, and emmademarais for their fabulous beta work. You guys rock. Any remaining mistakes are all mine.

Thanks to Lady Shelley for maintaining "Running the NUMB3RS" and to spikedluv for her quote collection, both of which were valuable resources. Thanks to the folks at numb3rs_bigbang  and ficfinishing for making this happen and cheering us all along.

Finally, thanks to emmademarais for not only running ficfinishing and writing her own Big Bang, but taking a chance on a truly crappy summary and producing some amazing art.

Now, pretend you've seen only the first couple of episodes of Season Four: Colby is newly back on the team, Liz and Don are still together, Charlie hasn't written that book, and things are still a little tense in the office as the curtain rises…

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4
Chapter 1Chapter 1Chapter 1Chapter 1
Chapter 2Chapter 2Chapter 2Chapter 2
Chapter 3Chapter 3Chapter 3Chapter 3
Chapter 4Chapter 4Chapter 4Chapter 4
Chapter 5Chapter 5Chapter 5Chapter 5
Chapter 6Chapter 6Chapter 6Chapter 6

Now available here in one handy-dandy PDF file!

10 hijacked trucks
5 coded digits
3 missing crates
1 team
Tags: blood and gold, fic, master post, numb3rs
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