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Supernatural report

Insta-thoughts on 5.21 below the cut, complete with spoilers.

  1. Chicago deep dish saves the world! Take that, East Coasters! (Becky, next time I'm up your way, we're totally going out for pizza in honor of Death.)  Also, I'm pretty sure I have a picture of where they filmed "Chicago", if I ever get around to posting my Vancouver pics...
  2. I don't know if they knew yet that there was going to be an S6 when they wrote this ep, but it had some really nice ways of circling around back to S1, specifically Sam referencing the wendigo as simpler times and Sam getting strangled (lol).
  3. I'm assuming the syphilis cleared up right away along with the meningitis. For a guy who hardly ever has sex, this is not Sam's year for STDs...
  4. I usually hate it when they split up the brothers, but for some reason I didn't mind this time. Although they should have hugged, damn it!
  5. I didn't see that coming with Death handing over the ring...but I'm glad he did. I mean, how could Dean possibly kill Death, or even sneak up on him enough to chop his finger off? When Death was comparing Dean to a bacterium, it was a nice counter to Pestilence's ode to bacteria, and you could see the wheels turning in Dean's head at that, but I don't think anything ever came of it. Unless Death considers the Winchesters a disease he can use to take care of Lucifer.
  6. I hadn't realized the end of the ep was coming up so soon, and so when Bobby posed his final question to Dean, my jaw totally dropped when the credit screen came on. But that really is a key question, and it's been haunting me since Dean first told Sam about their father's last words. I've written fic about it, I've started other fic that's never been finished, and to me it colors so much of the show: could Dean kill Sam if he had to? It was obvious all through S2 that he couldn't, with BUABS and AHBL the clearest indicators, and certainly not after he'd sold his soul for him. It wasn't until the first ep of this season, when Dean refused to give in to Zachariah even when Sam was dying in front of him, that I began to think that it was even possible for Dean to let Sam go if he had to.  And so I'm going to predict that Dean is going to have to be at least willing to let Sam go, whether by shutting him in the cage along with Lucifer or just by letting him say yes, and that willingness is going to be key to their victory.
  7. For a long time, the theme of this season has been free will vs. destiny.  (Which leads to some really interesting parallels with tonight's "FlashForward," but that's another story.)  But more recently, it's been about faith.  Castiel's lost faith in God and Dean of which he seems to recovered at least the latter, Sam's faith in Dean that was so powerfully displayed in PONR, and, most importantly, everyone's faith in Sam.  I know we don't know what happened in the panic room after Sam defeated Famine, but he came out of that so much stronger, and the restraint he showed last week with Brady, much as it made me worry he was doing it for the wrong reasons, showed that he has faith in himself again.  (Okay, not bucketloads, given the way he was trashing himself in front of Dean, but he thinks he can do it).  Bobby got his faith back in Sam after watching him save people.  Castiel found faith in Sam somewhere along the line, enough to not totally veto the plan and to offer him advice on how he can pull it off.

    That leaves Dean.  And so I think that might be the real question Bobby was asking him at the end: How much faith do you have in your brother? That's what next week is going to come down to.

And after watching the preview...OMG, is it Thursday yet?


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May. 8th, 2010 09:30 pm (UTC)
Demons or not, I really liked this one. And Crowley? Made of awesome. :)
May. 10th, 2010 01:34 pm (UTC)
Yeah, the problem is, I keep thinking that he actually is the Crowley from Good Omens, but he might not turn out to be that nice...
May. 10th, 2010 07:05 pm (UTC)
Nice? Definitely not! He's not nice in the least. He has his own agenda, I'm sure. I just think he's totally fun and that Mark Sheppard is having an absolutely ball playing him.
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