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Supernatural report

Insta-thoughts on 5.19 below the cut, complete with spoilers.

Damn, and before I could get around to writing Sam/Gabriel.

The ep had its moments.   Dean getting shot down unequivocally by Kali was hilarious (although I expect to read Dean/Kali before the weekend is out).  Her rant about the arrogance of Westerners almost had me cheering, and Dean's face after seeing the elephant (get it?) was perfect.  I'm pleased that we finally saw Lucifer's evilness come shining through, and the dynamic between the brothers was so familiar I almost forgot that it hasn't been like this for a long time.

But.  I'm not sure what the point of that was.  To remove yet one more ally for the Winchesters in a heart-breaking way?  To reiterate how awesome Gabriel is and bring him around to the right side before tossing him out the window, just like Henriksen?  To demonstrate that the Judeo-Christian devil is, in fact, more powerful than any god in the pantheon?  Or to clumsily provide a solution to the Lucifer problem via exposition from a very literal deus ex machina?  (Kudos to mangacat201 for seeing that one coming, BTW.) 

I realize that it's hard to measure up to last week's freakin' awesome ep, but this left me disappointed.  :(

ETA: Also, Lucifer's final comment to Gabriel, that he taught him all of his tricks, could be some damn scary foreshadowing...


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Apr. 23rd, 2010 02:06 am (UTC)
Actually... I'm half awwed beyond measure, half dissapointed.

I mean, the gods. THE GODS comeone, DISCWORLD GODS even.

PESTILENCE! how icky and gooey and disgusting was that??? And he sold it like. WHOA. And i know that guy from somewhere, if only I could remember where...

LOKI. GABRIEL. WHATEVER. He went out like a pro, but yeah, I can't help but think it's another clumsily wrapped up storyline for a character that flourished through five seasons and worked his magic mostly away from the Winchesters. Too short, too little background work up. Clumsy. And yeah, put Luci back in the cage... didn't see that one coming really. But wait... I DID. HA.

Ghostfacers... WTFF? You had some screen time on the rocks and decided... why not put in something completely story unrelated and just plain HUH?

I love my show beyond measure, really, for episodes like 'the point of no return' and also for these episodes that would work well if you could make them into the film and work them double. Episodes that close some, but open so many new threads of new details in the show's mythology (PRATCHETTARIAN THEORY OF GODISM FTW!!) but...

what really dissapoints me here is that the writing of the show, especially since season five, seems somehow calculated and economic. In season one two whatever, there were episodes that didn't work out so well... and subjective tastes notwithstanding, that's just how it is. But I had the feeling that the writers were really trying anew for every episode. Now it feels as if all the effort goes into those single most awesome episodes (hiatus, breakers, jubilee, finale) and during that time coming up with these, the writers forget that a season is comprised of twenty-two and not just the beginning and the end. It's like some good ideas are thrown around, approved and they move on to the big wigs without really taking care of these brilliant ideas like they should. We might just be a little bit spoiled from all the constant high quality and strikes of genius we were allowed to enjoy in the passing years, but still, guys, if you can't keep it up? Don't set the bar quite so high up.
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