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PSA: go backup your computer!

Right now! After you read this! So that if your computer suddenly refuses to boot like mine did last night, you won't be wondering if you'll ever see the last few months of fanfic you've been writing but haven't yet published ever again...

Thankfully, my job-related work is all on my work computer and is regularly backed up, but since I feel funny about backing up my personal folder (read: fanfic) at school, and I haven't gotten around to backing it up at home for a few months, there's a fair amount of stuff locked up on that hard drive. :(


Feb. 11th, 2010 03:13 pm (UTC)
can i suggest a solution? there is this little program that is called "dropbox." it's sort of a storage for all your important information. you are getting 2GB of free virtual space and some extra if you can convince your friends so sign up. this program will create a folder on your desktop (or where ever you will prefer to put it. mine is in my documents) and when ever you need to save a file just save it in that folder (you can create folders inside it as well.) so, what happens is that all you files will be uploaded to the virtual space on line, you can always get them if your computer crashes and it's password protected. so, i find it a great solution for all my documents. you can also link several different computers and if you have an Ipod or Iphone, the app is free.