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Supernatural report

Why yes, I am out of town at a conference and therefore have nothing to do in the evenings except watch TV and write fanfic.  Why do you ask?

  • I liked this ep a lot more than I thought I would, based on what I knew ahead of time (which was only that this is an ep making fun of cons and exuberant fans).  Basically, I liked it a lot up until the last segment. 
  • I loved the two guys ending up in a real salt-and-burn and then saving the day, and I loved their matter-of-fact  "we're scared, but we want to help, 'cause that's what Dean and Sam would do" (which put the most awesome thoughtful look on Dean's face).  That moment had me thinking, "Yeah, the writers get it.  They understand us and why we really care about this show." 
  • Too bad they had to beat us over the head with it in the final scene.
  • Also, can we stop with the Wincest references already?  I'm not objecting in principle--it's not like I don't like to read it on occasion (okay, on lots of occasions)--but it's like the writers are trying to cram a reference in every ep this season, and it's going to stop being funny right about...the next time it happens.
  • I haven't been to a con, but it's my understanding that there were way too few women at this one for it to be realistic.
  • Chuck taking out the ghost with the iron whatever-it-was rocked.  Way to step up to the plate, dude!
  • I'm with Becky--I love it when the boys speak in unison, and it's been a long time since we've had that.  That, along with Dean's, "I'm good," at the end, is a sure sign that things are about to go to hell...
  • I liked Fritz's line about the cliche of the creepy kids, because, yeah.  Kripke reminds me of Chris Carter with his obvious issues with children.  OTOH, those were seriously creepy ghost kids.
  • Fangirl Becky was mostly so obnoxious it hurt.  The fanboys got to be 3-D characters who helped Dean learn a little lesson, while the fangirl remained a complete and utter ditz (even if she did remember one little piece of info that even Chuck had forgotten, which cracked me up.)  *sigh*

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