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Supernatural report

Quick thoughts on 5.08 under the cut:

  • Holy retcon, Batman! I've been keeping pretty much spoiler-free this season, and I did not see that one coming. And yet, if you go back to "Mystery Spot" (not so much "Tall Tales"), it makes sense, even though the writers hadn't brought angels onto the scene yet. 
  • I would have been majorly annoyed at the "what's the Apocalypse to you is Sunday dinner to me" thing, because...seriously?  But Dean saved it at the end with his accusation that Gabriel was just scared to stand up to his family (which is something both of the boys have had to learn how to do), and I wouldn't be surprised if Dean gained them an ally with that.
  • I was literally rolling around laughing at the genital herpes ad. O. M. G. Jared/Sam nailed that one perfectly. And Sam as KITT was too funny, esp. Dean poking around in the trunk.  *snicker*
  • Will people please stop blaming Sam for the Apocalypse who were themselves partially responsible? If it wasn't for the six months Sam spent without Dean during "Mystery Spot", I don't think he would have turned as hard and bitter as he did after NRFTW. Then there was Castiel a couple of weeks ago, who obviously still hasn't mentioned that he let Sam out of the panic room.  Come on, people.
  • Is it a sign that I'm too invested in this show that when Dean said at the end, "I wish this was just a TV show," I thought, "Me too"?  Yeah, I figured.

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