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Supernatural report

Thoughts on 5.06 below the cut:

  • The boys are back! This so had the feel of an ep from S1 or S2, with the banter and the splitting up to work on different parts of the case, and it was great.
  • Dean's hairy palm had me laughing well into the commercial break. I'd forgotten about the whoopee cushion by the time it made its reappearance, and while it might not have been the best point in the conversation for it to happen, Castiel's deadpan "it wasn't me" had me in hysterics.
  • Of course, then there were the gut-wrenching moments like Castiel's "You. Didn't." that literally made me gasp out loud. Ouch.
  • I'm not sure what I think about the adorable-yet-mind-blowingly-powerful little kid as part of the mythology, but he reminds me so much of the kid in Guy Gavriel Kay's "The Darkest Road": child of a human woman raped by a demon, a true wildcard in whose hands rests the fateful decision of choosing Dark or Light for himself and thus the whole world. Coincidence or established legend that Kripke's drawing from?
  • I see great potential for stories where Dean and Sam travel to Australia to look for Jesse... ;)
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