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Master table: Everything We've Yet To Break

Like there aren't enough plot bunnies running around my hard drive...I'm going to give the spn_30snapshots challenge a shot.   Since I seem incapable of telling a story in only a few words, I'm taking on the challenge to write an AU of S4 in 30 ficlets of between 100 and 1000 words each, titled "Everything We've Yet To Break" . Given that I'm rewriting a whole year, I thought the "365" table was the appropriate choice.  Go me!

01.dawn 06.dusk 11.autumn 16.winter 21.spring 26.summer
02.morning 07.noon 12.night 17.yesterday 22.tomorrow 27.today
03.past 08.present 13.future 18.sunrise 23.sunset 28.twilight
04.hours 09.days 14.months 19.years 24.minutes 29.weeks
05.solstice 10.full moon 15.midnight 20.equinox 25.eclipse 30.time

The prompts in order of appearance (and thus chronological order, story-wise) are as follows:
months (A Little Knowledge)
sunset (Letting Go)
summer (Summer Rain)
future (Inferno)
today (Day is Done)
sunrise (Break of Day)
past (Double Back)
eclipse (Total Eclipse of the Heart)
night (Por las Venas)
autumn (Dia de los Inocentes)
present (Present Tense)
years (Falls the Shadow)
morning (Morning Has Broken)
full moon (Frayed at the Ends He Breaks)
solstice (At the Still Point of the Turning World)
winter (In the Bleak Mid-Winter)
dusk (At the Violet Hour)
weeks (The Hollow Men)
twilight (Each Slow Dusk)
midnight (Darkest Before Dawn)
dawn (We Break the Dawn)
yesterday (Yesterday Came Suddenly)
equinox (A Light Exists in Spring)
spring (Can Spring Be Far Behind?)
noon (High Noon)
tomorrow (The Cruelest Month)
days (Ashes to Ashes)
hours (Liturgy of the Hours)
minutes (The Last Minute)
time (Universal Invariant)
Tags: challenge, ewytb, fic, supernatural, table
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