Zubeneschamali (zubeneschamali) wrote,

Fic: The Rising (10/10)

Disclaimer and author's notes are in Chapter 1. I'm going to combine all of these into one post; I just wanted to get the tenth one out there today. Yay for Season Five!

Sky of blessed life

The bright elation pulsing through Sam could be what everyone celebrating around him is feeling. Or it might just be him.

It's ironic that what caused their joy almost killed him.

If Bobby hadn't thought ahead and had a couple of pints of O positive ready for when Dean slew Lucifer (never doubting that he would), the flash of power that vaporized the world's demons and their blood would have meant Sam's end.

Instead, he's wobbly on his feet but feeling whole and himself for the first time in twenty-six years—all darkness expunged from his veins and his soul.
Tags: fic, omg!drabbles!, supernatural
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