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Fic: The Rising (8/10)

Disclaimer and author's notes are in Chapter 1.

This one is...not my usual fare.

Sky of longing and emptiness

Dean couldn't remember the last time they saw another human being.

Maybe Topeka, the badly-burned man with wary eyes and a shotgun on them as they drove through.

Maybe the plague survivor wandering the ruins of Chicago, long gone mentally if not physically.

Six months ago? Ten?

There was no point in leaving payment for the gas, but they kept doing it anyway, maybe as an offering to keep the pumps partly-full.

Ruby said Lucifer would give Sam anything he wanted as a reward. The dumbass asked for the two of them to be left alone.

And now they are.

Part 9


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Sep. 9th, 2009 02:04 am (UTC)
Thanks. This was the first one I wrote...I was intrigued by the idea of Sam asking for a reward and having it twisted around like that. I'm pleased that you liked it!
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