Zubeneschamali (zubeneschamali) wrote,

Fic: The Rising (3/10)

Disclaimer and author's notes are in Chapter 1.

Sky of tears

Sam's eyes remained dry.

He'd cried after Jessica and Madison died, and they weren't truly his fault.

Now he'd betrayed his own brother—and the rest of the world for good measure—and he couldn't weep.

Even Dean had forsaken him, telling him he was a monster, and surely any minute now he would draw his Colt and give Sam what he deserved, but he wasn't shedding a tear.

Then distant thunder rumbled and rain started to fall on the convent's ruins. That figured. The heavens were finally stepping up, but only to cry for him.

Too little, too late.

Part 4
Tags: fic, omg!drabbles!, supernatural
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