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ART: Here Be Dragons (1/1, SPN Gen)

Here it is...my first ever art! I entered spn_reversebang this year as an artist because a) I knew I'd be too busy to write for it this year, and b) I had an idea for a piece of art for the first time ever, and c) my newly-gained experience with quilting from the Row by Row challenge made me think I could come up with my own landscape. It sort of went as planned!

Some time ago, I was driving down the highway towards a pretty massive thunderstorm. The road ahead looked scary, but behind me in the rearview mirror, the sky was blue and sunny. I suddenly had the idea of the reverse: what if the road ahead looked clear, but there was something very threatening in the rearview mirror. Like...a dragon? And then I came across the green "scale" fabric in my stash and knew I had to do it.

Having gained experience through quilting by fusing this past year, I decided to sketch out a design in fabric. It ended up having a pretty primitive aesthetic, and the dragon still kinda looks like a chicken, but I'm really happy with the landscape on the horizon and the fire being breathed. Thanks to dugindeep for encouraging me to do this, and big thanks to dephigravity for being my beta. It's so much better thanks to his suggestions.

And I also want to thank jennytork for picking my art and for writing a fantastic story! You should definitely go read it: it's in an existing 'verse, but you can figure out what's going on pretty quickly, and I love most of all that she put dragons IN SPACE. Which is like, the best combination ever. And I love the ending.

Close-ups of the art are below, including the banner. The whole piece is about a foot square.

Tags: art, dragons
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