Zubeneschamali (zubeneschamali) wrote,

12 Days of Christmas VII

Still going...also, I'm writing like mad to get my Get Your Words Out goal accomplished this year. I've already signed up for a more ambitious goal next year. *headdesk* But that means there'll be lots of new fic over at zuben_fic soon!

Six quirks! (Only six?)

1) I hate being overheard on the phone. I rarely use the phone anyway, but I am SO GLAD I have my own office so no one can hear me if I sound like an idiot.
2) I don't say swear words out loud. Even if I'm quoting what someone else has said, I'll skip the word or use a substitute.
3) I have never managed to break myself of the habit of biting my fingernails.
4) I can't just go out for a run--I have to map out my route in advance so I know exactly how far and fast I'm going.
5) I always pick at little imperfections in my skin, zits and bumps and whatever (thus the previously-mentioned chicken pox scars).
6) I have the worst short-term memory. I will walk from one room into another and forget what I'm doing there, stack things by the door that I need to take on an errand with me and then leave them by the door, say I'll do something and forget about it five minutes later, etc. etc. Can't wait to see how much worse it gets as I get older.

Tags: meme, personal
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