Zubeneschamali (zubeneschamali) wrote,

12 Days of Christmas III

Jeez, I should have swapped this one out with one of the smaller numbers. Okay, 10 things I like about my personality:

1) I'm extremely loyal. (Sometimes to a fault.)
2) I can be disciplined. My job and my three hobbies (running, quilting, ficcing) are all about working on long-term projects a little piece at a time, so working on one helps me with the others.
3) I'm open minded and have become more so as a result of my online activities.
4) I'm (usually) okay with being introverted and have accepted that different people are social in different ways.
5) I'm curious and am always trying to make connections between the things I'm learning and the things I already know.
6) I'm smart. Not that I think quickly on my feet, but given a few minutes, I can figure things out.
7) I'm (fairly) generous with my time. Which is a handicap in academia, but it's something I don't want to lose.
8) I'm optimistic.
9) I like to see new places and try new foods.

Tags: meme, personal
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