Zubeneschamali (zubeneschamali) wrote,

SPN countdown, day 4 of 10

The first episode I saw live is the episode that's still my favorite.

Everything about "Lazarus Rising" enthralled me. That long intro with newly-risen Dean wandering the Earth like he was the only one left. Bobby's suspicion, Sam's suspicion, and then the brotherly embrace to end all embraces. The scene in the diner with Dean and Sam facing down all those demons was brilliant. And Castiel's entrance just made my jaw drop. So many powerful moments. I was so glad I'd decided to get involved with this show. I even wrote my first SPN fic after this ep. :D

And then the rest of the season...Sam makes the "tough choice" for once, to go ahead and do what seems wrong because it's for the greater good, since every other time he didn't make that choice, things ended badly. So of course, this time things end really badly. If Dean was the Tragic Hero of S3, Sam filled that role in S4. And there were so many opportunities for things to work out if the two brothers just talked to each other...but that's not what they do, is it? And with Heaven and Hell both working to push them apart, it's a wonder they came back together at all, even if it was too late to keep Lucifer from rising. (Not too late to save the world, of course...)

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