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Happy 2014

It's still 2013 in Central Standard Time as I write this, but it's the new year for most everyone reading it, so Happy New Year! *horns* *confetti*

This upcoming year promises to gain me more frequent flier miles than I've ever gotten before, including three months spent on sabbatical in Australia. I'm really looking forward to it, esp. since winter has been tougher than usual already. I got to meet up with 7 different fangirls on my first semester of sabbatical, so here's hoping the second semester goes just as well. :D

I have some specific, goal-oriented resolutions, but I'm not going to bore you with them. I can boil them down to two:
1) Be more communicative. (speak out more, call friends more often, respond to e-mails and comments more quickly, stop dropping into a black hole on occasion)
2) Focus on what makes me happy in the long-term instead of what I want right now. (eat healthier, exercise as training, work for a few more minutes rather than check tumblr one more time, focus on quality rather than quantity in fic writing)

As motivation for #1, I'm adapting the "ask me a question" meme I've seen floating around to one a week for the whole year. Now, I don't know if 52 people even read this journal, so if you have two questions you'd like to ask, go right ahead! I'll take questions on fandom, writing, quilting, running, places I've lived or have traveled to, my job, random icebreaker questions, or whatever you want to ask. If it's something I'm not comfortable answering in public, I'll let you know. Here's the schedule: let me know what you want to ask and when you want to ask it!

Week 1 (Jan. 1-5): so how was Scotland? are there pics? (wendy)
Week 2 (Jan. 6-12): my field/discipline (cassiopeia7)
Week 3 (Jan. 13-19)
Week 4 (Jan. 20-26)
Week 5 (Jan. 27-Feb. 2)
Week 6 (Feb. 3-9): most favorite and least favorite things about running (deirdre_c)
Week 7 (Feb. 10-16):
Week 8 (Feb. 17-23):
Week 9 (Feb. 24-Mar. 2)
Week 10 (Mar. 3-9)
Week 11 (Mar. 10-16)
Week 12 (Mar. 17-23)
Week 13 (Mar. 24-30)
Week 14 (Mar. 31-Apr. 6)
Week 15 (Apr. 7-13)
Week 16 (Apr. 14-20)
Week 17 (Apr. 21-27)
Week 18 (Apr. 28-May 4)
Week 19 (May 5-11)
Week 20 (May 12-18)
Week 21 (May 19-25)
Week 22 (May 26-June 1)
Week 23 (June 2-8)
Week 24 (June 9-15)
Week 25 (June 16-22)
Week 26 (June 23-29)
Week 27 (June 30-July 6)
Week 28 (July 7-13): maps! Top 5 things you love about them + 1 time you maybe were a little bit of a map!geek (xcziel)
Week 29 (July 14-20): my favorite quilt and its story (galwithglasses)
Week 30 (July 21-27): a novel that's the equivalent of comfort food (harrigan)
Week 31 (July 28-Aug. 3): In real life, which is more important to you: to conform or embrace your individuality? (matchboximpala)
Week 32 (Aug. 4-10): favorite thing to do to let loose and just 'be' (enablelove)
Week 33 (Aug. 11-17): my favorite place I've traveled to (morganoconner)
Week 34 (Aug. 18-24): a childhood memory that really sticks out (enablelove)
Week 35 (Aug. 25-31)
Week 36 (Sept. 1-7)
Week 37 (Sept. 8-14)
Week 38 (Sept. 15-21)
Week 39 (Sept. 22-28)
Week 40 (Sept. 29-Oct. 5)
Week 41 (Oct. 6-12)
Week 42 (Oct. 13-19)
Week 43 (Oct. 20-26)
Week 44 (Oct. 27-Nov. 2): how do you take your coffee? (wendy)
Week 45 (Nov. 3-9)
Week 46 (Nov. 10-16)
Week 47 (Nov. 17-23)
Week 48 (Nov. 24-30)
Week 49 (Dec. 1-7)
Week 50 (Dec. 8-14)
Week 51 (Dec. 15-21)
Week 52 (Dec. 22-29)

Hit me with your best shot!

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