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SPN report

Well, we all knew this whole non-con-possessing-your-brother-with-an-angel thing wasn't going to end well, but I was surprised by how badly it ended for all concerned. And it hasn't even ended yet!

I have to say, I'm impressed with Osric. Goofing around at cons, writing fanfic about Kevin, and all the while knowing that this was coming. Which makes me wonder if the first thing we see in the next ep isn't going to be Dean calling on Cas to bring him back, but then there's Osric's long tweet of farewell. So as tebtosca would say, the S.S. White Dick sails on.

I don't have much to say about the angel storyline, because a) are we supposed to be surprised that the angels are fighting each other on Earth when they previously had a civil war and b) WTF with the sucking grace out of someone's throat? I did find Cas surprisingly adorable in his few scenes as an "agent," though, and when he was trying to pray. And hooray for someone finally bringing up that little slaughtering thing he did a few years ago.

With regards to Gadreel...I have to believe that he's starting a long con with Metatron. He's been pretty clever this whole time, so to think that he's suddenly so stupid as to cheerfully sign up for second-in-command based on Metatron's transparent recruiting speech would be really poor writing. (Oh, wait, what show am I watching again?) That said, he clearly has no reason to let Sam out anymore. (Since we had flashing blue eyes in the beginning of the ep, Sam was still Sam up until the first conversation with Metatron, after which I don't think Sam appeared again. Also, LOL at the major multi-story freeway interchange in the middle of Kansas.) Which is funny, because the way Metatron was describing Gadreel to the audience himself, he kinda sounded like Sam in angel form. Was the most trusted of all by the big guy, kind of started a major heavenly cataclysm that doomed all of humankind, was made the scapegoat and locked away in the deepest dungeon for a really long time...He and Sam could make really interesting allies. But I can't see that happening anywhere else than in fic, especially after Kevin. :(



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Dec. 4th, 2013 02:35 pm (UTC)
Ooooo somebody write Sam/Gadreel fic, where the two men have conversations in Sam's head about the Right Thing To Do.
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