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SPN report

About the episode itself...Jody continues to be awesome, and I was terrified that they were going to follow the SPN Rule of Awesome Women and kill her off. But no, she pulled a stake out of her chest and kept walking around only a little out of breath. (!!!!) I did like the continuity of referring to how the incident with Crowley changed her, and that she's been able to deal with it in a different method than drinking and hunting. And while I've been a fervent Sam/Jody shipper since "Time After Time," I'm okay with her shipping wincest instead. :D

One thing we learned from this episode is that while Sam is apparently not healing (more on that in a minute), Dean seems to have healed a great deal. There's been a lot written (and forthcoming) about how Dean uses sex as comfort, but we know that he hasn't done that in a long time. After Hell, after Purgatory, after how the Amazons used him, he seemed to have buried that part of himself. So it was good to see him being his old self in the sense of picking up a girl from an abstinence group meeting. He's got the confidence back that he lost somewhere along the way; he's healed.

That said, I was kind of annoyed that he kept pushing at Susie once he found her DVDs. Dean, when people say there are things in their past they don't want to revisit, and they're not "that person" anymore, you really should be able to understand that. But maybe she was just protesting for appearance's sake, because she gave in fairly easily (and I might be the only one who liked the totally cheesy, over-the-top end of that scene, but the mariachis in the background and Dean's silly smirk threw it into the "win" column for me).

On another note...can I say "I told you so" now to the folks who thought Ezekiel ever had good intentions? Maybe I have to wait till next week to be sure, LOL. But if Sam is so terrifically torn apart inside, has Zeke been doing anything to make him better? If so, then Sam is screwed, because he's never going to get better, and if not, then Sam is screwed, because no way is Dean going to be able to make Zeke actually do what he said he was going to. You could see Dean at the very end trying to think if he knew how to exorcise an angel without hurting its host, which I don't think he does. And it's not like he can ask Sam to go research it.

Congratulations to bertee and counteragent for predicting this via fic, BTW.

And my heart is broken for Sam, thinking there's something intrinsically wrong with him, which was obviously going to happen as soon as he suspected something weird was going on. I have to give Dean some credit for instantly deciding to tell Sam the truth when he saw how Sam was jumping to the wrong conclusion. But of course Zeke wasn't going to let him, and now Dean has the plausible excuse of "well, I tried to tell you, but he wouldn't let me!" to deliver when the truth really does come out.

This whole storyline makes me sad and furious, and I know most people are enjoying that angst and impending doom right now, but I'm not. Not at all. :(



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Nov. 27th, 2013 10:14 am (UTC)
she pulled a stake out of her chest and kept walking around only a little out of breath. (!!!!)

Don't get me started on this, nope, don't. ;) But YAY! for Jody not only surviving, but being majorly badass, too.

Congratulations to bertee and counteragent for predicting this via fic, BTW.

Must've missed these. Where are they, please? :)
Nov. 27th, 2013 12:14 pm (UTC)
When that happened I was like JODY DON'T PULL IT OUT DID THE POLICE ACADEMY TEACH YOU NOTHING. But she was totally fine after pulling like three inches of a giant freaking stick out of her body, so no problem. XD I guess it prefer it to the alternative, so yay, superhuman Sheriff Mills!

I really hope Dean doesn't see fit to fall back on that excuse, because wow Dean, that would be so incredibly lame you realize how incredibly lame that would be right.

But mostly Sam. Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam. <3 D;
Nov. 27th, 2013 12:24 pm (UTC)
Jody was awesome. I was also afraid they'd kill her, but I guess that stake got her more in the shoulder than the lung (which is what I thought at first!).

At the end after Zeke went away and Dean sort of covered up what he was going to say and said Sam should have a little faith it seemed to me like Sam realized something. I don't think he knows what's going on, but I think he knows Dean is hiding something for sure now.

Nov. 27th, 2013 12:27 pm (UTC)
I am with you on the whole Zeke storyline. It just makes me sad. Dean has done a lot of healing but his decision to keep this from Sam doesn't say a whole lot for his emotional growth. Unfortunately I think it's going to get messy when Sam finds out what happened. :/
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