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31 Days: Twenty-Three

Thirty-One Days will resume in a moment. First, I mentioned a few months ago that one of my grad students was getting married and that I was making a quilt for them. The pics of that one are here. A second student of mine is also getting married this fall, although it turns out that he's going to drop out of the Ph.D. program in order to get a job that makes more money than a TA. Which I can't blame him for, really. Mr. Z joked that now I don't need to give him the quilt, but since it was designed for him and his fiancee, I kind of have to.

Both my student and his fiancee are from medium-sized Midwestern cities but lived in Chicago for a while, and neither of them has liked living out here in the cornfields very much. So the quilt pattern is called Corn and Beans for the symmetric, interlocking nature of the blocks, like planting corn in alternate years (or fields) with beans. I dug into my stash of urban fabrics here, as the middle pic shows. There's a neat secondary pattern that forms from the blocks, and if you look at them on point like in the bottom pic, it's reminiscent of city blocks. She's a public arts coordinator, so I hope it's somewhat appealing visually as well as being meaningful. :)

But on with the Thirty-One Days!

Heh. This one is ironic: Things you've learned that school won't teach you.

My freshman year of college was pretty rough in terms of personal relationships, not only mine but my friends'. I think the biggest thing I got out of it was the following: There's always someone who has it worse than you. No matter what your situation is. BUT. The corollary is, that doesn't mean it isn't bad for you and you don't need help.

I've learned a lot from fandom, too, about taking it easy and not letting things blow out of proportion. Think before you act/speak is always good advice, but it's even more important on the Internet. There are times when I really want to say something wanky but manage to persuade myself to hold my tongue, and I haven't yet regretted it (beyond that brief moment of lamenting how witty and clever I would have been, LOL).

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