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31 Days: Twenty-Two

I think I've been stalling on this one because I didn't know what to say. But now I do. Yay?

Day 22: Rant about something. Get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel.

We moved out of our house into a condo back in May. The house is still for sale. :( We have spent a lot of time cleaning up the place, some of which did not happen until after the house was already for sale. (Whoops.) There have been 3-4 times that we've cleaned out the basement/garage/what have you and put the garbage bags at the curb to be picked up on Monday morning.

Twice now, we have returned the next day or later to find that SOMEONE WENT THROUGH OUR TRASH looking for free stuff. And then they left the bags open after they were done not finding anything. This last time, the garbagemen didn't even pick up the trash; I assume because it was a pile of open garbage bags on our front lawn. This means that the garbage sat in front of our house ALL WEEK, while the frickin' house is on the market. It also sends a really clear sign that no one's currently living in the place, which sucks equally hard.

We put a ton of free stuff out on the curb while we were moving: furniture, Christmas decorations, clothing, camping gear, you name it. We are thrilled when people pick up stuff we don't want anymore. We ourselves have obtained items from the curb (we used to live in Cambridge, MA, where that's how you furnish your student/postdoc apartment). But to go through someone's tied-up trash bags--that's so not cool. And I'm still furious about it. :(

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