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31 Days: Day 15 and 16

Day 15: A Day in the Life (it says to include photos, but I'm not, ha ha)

between 6 and 8: Wake up. Our bedroom is in the corner of our condo, with walls of windows all along the north and east, so if it's a sunny morning, I'm up at 6. If it's cloudy or I put the blanket over my head, it's closer to 8.
first half-hour after waking up: Eat granola for breakfast, catch up on Twitter, LJ, e-mail, news. Maybe write a bit of fic, but not usually.
8:30ish: Walk in to campus
9ish: Make coffee in office if I didn't buy it on the way in, catch up on e-mail, news, Twitter that happened since I left home, LOL
9:30-noon Work! On any given day, this might be reading a book or journal articles, transcribing interviews like I did yesterday and which sucks goats, writing articles, refereeing someone else's journal article, responding to e-mails, etc. I have the goal of writing for half an hour every day, since there are studies that show that's what the most productive writers do, but I can't always get myself to do it. Also, Twitter is open in the background all the time.
noon-1 Lunch at some joint on the campus strip with Mr. Z
1-1:30 Catch up on e-mail, news, Twitter, Facebook
1:30-4 More work. The thing is, I'm technically only paid for nine months' work, but summer is when most of the writing and research gets done. So my 5-6 hours a day right now is basically unpaid labor, though it was necessary labor to get tenured and it's still necessary labor to get promoted.
4-6 Walk to the campus gym, run or do weights, walk home
6-7 Make and eat dinner
7-10 Watch TV, quilt, catch up on LJ, Twitter, and e-mail, write fanfic. I write pretty much every night, or at least I try to.
between 10 and 11: Bedtime!

Exciting, huh?

Day 16: Something difficult about your "lot in life" and how you're working to overcome it

Look, I'm a white, middle-class, straight, cis-gendered American. My parents were both college-educated, so there was never any question that I would go to college. I married someone whose first post-graduate-degree job was the highest-paying one he could have gotten (in academia). I got a tenure-track assistant professorship at a major research university and was tenured. My Backpack of Privilege(tm) is almost full, and I feel kind of dumb even answering this question.

I guess one hard thing about my life in the past decade has been moving around a lot (see Day 1). I got used to expecting that I would be living somewhere only for a year or two, so I never made friends at home or at work (have I mentioned I'm an introvert?), never joined clubs or churches or anything, and then after moving here I didn't want to put down roots because if I didn't get tenure, they'd be ripped right out of me. So with one exception, my friends are all at least a couple hours' drive away, if not a couple hours' plane ride. I do take the initiative to ask people to do things together more than I used to, esp. when I have the occasion to go up to Chicago or when I'm traveling somewhere that a friend lives. And that's helped a lot. :)

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