Zubeneschamali (zubeneschamali) wrote,

31 Days: Day 14

Today's prompt (or three days' ago, LOL) is to list 10 things that make me really happy.

1) They Might Be Giants, especially Flood and especially seeing them in concert, looking happy to be playing the same damn happy-making songs they must have played thousands of times already. I've seen them in concert about a dozen times, and I'm going to see them again in the fall, and I AM EXCITE.

2) Fabric. Pretty, pretty fabric. Relatedly, finishing a quilt.

3) Actually, striking anything large off my to-do list. And sometimes something small, if it's been on that list for a while.

4) This gif:

(and big_heart_june by extension, because every time I visit her journal I get distracted by this)

5) Mr. Z when he's being a sweetheart. <3 (Sometimes he's a meanie and pulls my pigtails, but he claims that makes his sweetness all the sweeter. Whatever.)

6) Cooking in the summer with fresh vegetables and herbs. I used to belong to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture, where you pay a local farm upfront for the summer and they deliver whatever vegetables, fruits, herbs, etc., are in season once a week), but we tend to travel a lot in the summer and it's probably a better deal to go to the farmers' market when we're in town. Still, I love to learn about new produce and what to do with it, like kale or kohlrabi or gooseberries. Tonight's plan is fresh corn and black bean fritters with grape tomatoes and arugula. Mmmm.

7) Getting a thank-you card from a student. It's only happened a couple of times (heck, my generation doesn't even really do thank-you cards, much less Kids These Days), but it makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

8) When a journal article or grant proposal gets accepted. At least, I'm pretty sure that makes me really happy; it's been so long since it happened, I can hardly remember. :/

9) Grumpy Cat. This should not be surprising, since Grumpy Bear was by far my favorite Care Bear as a child.

10) Ridiculously funny, spur-of-the-moment interactions that happen on Twitter or in chat or in LJ comments that remind me what a cool bunch of fandom friends I have. The geographer in me can't get over how weird it is to have a "community" that spans multiple continents, but here we all are!

This seems like a good day for lurker amnesty...let me know one thing that makes you really happy, especially those of you who haven't commented here before! :)
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