Zubeneschamali (zubeneschamali) wrote,

31 Days: Twelve and Thirteen

Whoops, falling behind again. And now today I can't stop thinking about Pacific Rim, which I went and saw in IMAX and 3-D and LOVED IT even though it exhausted me. Already working on a Sam/Dean fusion. /o\

Anyway, Day 12 is, "What do you miss?"

I miss California. Specifically, the San Gabriel Mountains. When I see pictures of the mountains around LA, the steep slopes of sage-and-brown chaparral where Mr. Z and I used to go hiking, I feel homesick. Which is kind of odd because I only lived there for three years, and it took me about a year to get to used to the mountains being there, since I'm from the flattest of the flatland. If I ever get around to writing original!fic, I've had an idea in mind for a while now that involves those mountains.

Day 13 is to issue a public apology, either serious or funny.

I'm sorry that I withdraw from people sometimes, often when I actually need them the most. I'm sorry that I've drifted away from some good friends for that reason, and I wish I knew how to get them back. :(

Tags: 31 days, personal
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